Business System Development


COMPARE a GeoPortal solution and building from scratch!

Do you have business processes and services being supported by Excel templates or Access databases and forms?

Do you have old or legacy systems running in a completely different environment, requiring a different account log in, and/or that aren't integrated with your other solutions?

The inertia to upgrade to an integrated, secure solution is usually due to high cost and level of effort - however, we make business system development inexpensive and fast.

Improve your business processes and support information requirements through a custom system that leverages the GeoPortal's tools, security model, data, and, if needed, hosted infrastructure. Developing a system from scratch can be risky, time-consuming and expensive. Our approach eliminates the risk and cuts the time and cost because we use the security and reporting technologies aleady in place.

Be Confident Having Us Build Your Custom Applications because...

  • Experience
  • Proven
  • Easily acquired (government to government; no RFP or multiple quotes)
  • Uses components already in place.

Leveraging Municipal GeoPortal within your systems can produce effective and measurable results quickly and at far less cost, because it provides:

  • Standards-based components to support virtually any business application.
  • A user security model with security protocols for different user types and access types.
  • An integration platform that provides access to reports and data across multiple systems.
  • Document management and a common user interface to multiple content management systems.
  • A common interface to data / reports from any system, saving time, confusion, and training.
  • A content-rich map base with a variety of data including Google maps and imagery.
  • Information services that can be available through your application.

Geo-enabling Existing Systems

Municipal GeoPortal provides the basis for geo-enabling existing systems. Depending on the underlying technology of your system, “Map It” functionality can be added to your system’s reports and/or analysis screens. Click “Map It” in the report, and launch GeoViewer to see the referenced geographic feature or map location along with links to other systems and information.

GeoViewer can also be used to support data input and maintenance. If you need to capture geographic data (such as an electoral riding, property for sale, latitude/longitude, and so on), GeoViewer can be launched from within your system giving the user the ability to click on the appropriate location and capture that locational information - while updating the system.

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Municipal GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. Municipal GeoPortal