Customer GeoPortal : Map Edition


Map Edition is a fully hosted, pre-built solution that provides access to rich map content and functionality.

Map Edition publishes your map layers complemented by a suite of content that we provide.

Map Edition is affordable. There's an annual subscription for each account, plus a small set up fee is charged based on the map layers that you would like to publish. Some hosting fees may also apply depending on the volume of spatial data.

Getting started is easy:

  1. Contact us to get started.
  2. Determine what map layers you would like to include from your municipality.
  3. Determine what other content that we provide you'd like included - such as Land Information Ontario and Google.
  4. Your GeoPortal can be prepared and published in as little as 10 business days.


  • Visualize your municipality, its key locations and points of interest.
  • Find and access key spatial information, and see it in context of the surroundings.
  • Generate reports and maps for presentation and publication.
  • Upgrade easily to a Business Edition because everything is in place to accept integration with your business content; plus your subscription rate stays the same!


  • Publish your map layers such as zoning, parks, neighbourhoods, planning, and health services.

    PLUS, any or all of:
  • Google base maps (including map view, imagery, road/imagery hybrid, and terrain).
  • Full address dB for all Ontario.
  • Administrative boundaries such as municipal and Geographic Township boundaries.
  • Postal code locations.
  • Land Information Ontario map layers, including natural features**.
  • Ontario Base Maps.
  • Mining claim mapping – with links to Ministry of Northern Development Mines and Forestry’s online CLAIMaps reporting – for northern municipalities..
  • High resolution digital imagery – such as the SWOOP and DRAPE program**
  • And more...

** Subject to appropriate licenses with providers.


  • GeoViewer: view your data on a map with web-based map functionality, such as zoom, pan and identify.
  • Query your map layer's attributes, map results, and export to Excel.
  • Find any address or street intersection in Ontario (based on road centerline data).
  • Measure areas and distances accurately on the map.
  • Keyword search for features such as a parcel, place name, geographic townships / lots / concessions, etc.
  • Advanced Feature Selection – ability to select parcels or any map feature within a radius you define; or, select feature(s) based on another feature, such as all asset features that intersect with an electoral riding or township.
  • Have your data organized in different views (called Topics) for different audiences – so, for example, have separate topics for planning staff, health services delivery, and engineering - and control who sees what information.
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