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Single Source of Truth
A somewhat "tongue in cheek" look at the GeoPortal and its application taken from our fun PPT presentation.
Logging In
Important for first time users or if you are having trouble accessing the services and logging in.
Browser Settings
Important for first time users, providing instructions about browser setings required for using the applications in GeoPortal.
Click to open and close each section.
Find function The Find Feature function allows you to quickly find a feature or a location of interest. You can find a feature by using keyword(s), address or coordinates.
Select function The Select function enables you to select a feature(s) from a map layer using a variety of methods. This includes such functionality as Select by Points, Select by Distance, and Select by Polygon.
Identify function The Identify function enables you to see information at your selected location from one or more intersecting map layers. Use the Identify function and click on the map feature of interest to access its related data, reports and documents.
Geoportal LInks This video will highlight the core function of the GeoPortal Links tool using a scenario.
Measure function The Measure function allows you to measure an area or a distance. The Measure Distance enables you to measure the distance along a line that you draw. The Measure Area enables you to measure the area of a polygon that you define with your mouse on the map.
Zoom and Pan functions The Zoom and Pan functions allow you to zoom in/out to better display your area of interest. You can use your mouse wheel, the magnifying glass and the zoom bar depending on your needs. You can also Pan around the map to explore other areas.
Topics tool The Topics form in GeoViewer displays the Topics to which your account has access. Watch the video to learn more about Topics and how these are used to organize map layers.
Legend tool The Legend form allows the user to control which vector map layers and background map layers are visible.
Clear and Output map tool The Clear function allows you to clear all the selected features from the map. The Output Map tool takes your current map view and outputs to a printer or Adobe PDF.
More Command tool The More Command tool shows additional functionality and links to related applications.
Buttons around the zoom
scale bar
The "I Want To..." button besides the Zoom scale bar provides a listing of shortcuts to common functions in GeoViewer. It is another way of finding a function rather than using the main menu toolbar. In addition to these shortcuts, use the Zoom scale bar or Pan feature to assist in navigating the map view.
User Views The ‘User Views’ function allows for the bookmarking of the current GeoViewer map view. ‘User Views’ can also be shared between users of the same topic.
Section includes information regarding GeoViewer.
Introduction A look at the DataViewer interface and components and how it's used.
Queries Using queries is a key way of getting the most out of DataViewer.
Report Wizard Reports help give you instant results on changing data.
Using the "Select By
Parameters" Query
The Select by Parameters Query is often all you need to interrogate a data set.
Chart Wizard The Chart Wizard is a quick way to graph and compare your data.
Summary Wizard Use Summary Wizard to group and summarize numerical data.
Section includes information regarding DataViewer.
Introduction This video will provide an overview of the DocumentViewer interface and basic functions.
Content Management DocumentViewer provides robust content publishing and access capabilities with an easy familiar interface.
Keyword Search This video will provide an overview of the DocumentViewer Keyword Search function and will show how quickly and easily You can search the content and metadata of documents.
Folder Commands The Folder Commands function is available to users with Administrator access. This video demonstrates the functions for the Creation, Renaming, and Deletion of subfolders.
Download Folder The Download Folder function is available to all Users. It enables you to extract the contents of a folder and its sub-folders and have it packaged into a WinZip file, which will be automatically downloaded.
Clone Folder Structure The Clone Folder Structure function is available to an Administrator. It enables an existing folder hierarchy to be copied to another area (target folder). This is a more efficient method than creating numerous new subfolders.
Folder Security The Folder Security function enables an Administrator to refine user access to the root and sub-folders. The Administrator can go to any part of the folder hierarchy and change access privileges and roles for any user at that level of the hierarchy and its sub-folders.
Add Document The Add function enables you to add a new document(s) into the currently selected folder – as you would in Windows Explorer.
Update Document The Update function enables you to replace an existing document.
Archive/Delete Documents The Archive function creates a saved version of the current document in a related “archive” folder. The Delete function permanently removes the document from the DocumentViewer and the database.
Copy/Move Documents The Copy/Move function enables you to copy or move one or more documents from their current folder to another existing folder.
Manage Document Metadata The Manage Document Metadata tool enables you to provide information about a document.
Get URL Function The Get URL tool provides the URL associated with a document or folder so that it can be published and accessed directly by users.
Notification Service The DocumentViewer email notification function enables authorized users to receiver information about changes to document folders.
Section includes information regarding DocumentViewer.
Municipal GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc.
Municipal GeoPortal