Municipal GeoPortal Hosting Environment

  Municipal GeoPortal is a hosted “cloud computing” solution. 

Our service provider is SKE Inc. The infrastructure is co-located at data centres in Toronto provided by Peer1 Networks. Both SKE and Peer1 have gone through stringent threat risk assessments (TRA) and security audits to ensure their hosting environment meets Ontario government and IO IT standards and requirements.

Security is key, and clients can be assured their data are secure.

Clients can decide to do their own TRA and security audit if they wish.

Why Host with Municipal GeoPortal?

Cost and Time Saving: Cloud computing can produce cost savings. By not running and managing servers and operating system and database software you save the time, hardware and software costs.

Professional Support: Our team knows the software and technology and provides support to ensure non-interrupted service. You do not need dedicated staff to do what Municipal GeoPortal offers.

Growth: The Municipal GeoPortal hosting service can support as few as 10 users or 10000 – today and in the future.

Flexibility: Choose the computing resources and services you need in a way that can grow over time or change instantly as your needs change.

Redundancy: The infrastructure is designed so there is no single point of failure. All components are redundant so if something breaks the redundant component automatically takes over - giving you uninterrupted service.

Municipal GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. footer