GeoViewer, DataViewer, DocumentViewer - Common Tools for Access





A map-based information integration and access tool that enables the user to visualize all their data on the map and access related information. A versatile business data query and reporting tool that maps the results by linking to GeoViewer, provides analysis through Excel, and much more. A Windows Explorer-like tool that can be integrated with OpenText and SharePoint to let users manage documents/files in a secure content management environment with direct links to GeoViewer and DataViewer.

GeoViewerGeoViewer: Find a feature right on the map or with keywords. So, a subdivision in the west end, or a client in the beaches, or a building in Old Towne can quickly be found and all its related reports, data, and documents retrieved.

GeoViewer provides lots of functionality - such as the ability to select features within a geographic area, and the ability to generate reports based on selected features. Related map services and layers can be segregated into logical "Topics", so that the user is never overwhelmed with the quantity of data, and different types of users and uses are clearly identified.


dataviewerthumbDataViewer: Your database records appear as a spreadsheet in DataViewer - with a couple of important additional fields: links to documents, reports, and information related to that record; and, a "map it" icon with the ability to launch GeoViewer and zoom into the location represented by that record.

DocViewerDocumentViewer: Content management can save significant time and effort and make an organization much more effective. With DocumentViewer, you get a versatile, easy to use content management solution within GeoPortal.

A key strength of DocumentViewer is that by clicking on a link in GeoViewer or DataViewer, you are brought directly to the directory and files of interest - so you don't spend time searching the whole hierarchy of folders and files to find what you need.

When DocumentViewer is added to your systems, the rules are easily established to ensure that documents are only put into the directories that they are supposed to go in.

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