About Municipal GeoPortal

Compare Municipal GeoPortal with building your own.

Municipal GeoPortalis a hosted, intuitive information service from the Government of Ontario / Infrastructure Ontario that leverages their "Ontario GeoPortal" service.

Municipal GeoPortal provides government programs affordable and intuitive services and technologies to integrate, access, and better understand their information.

Municipal GeoPortal brings mapping and business information together into one integrated view, regardless of where the data are stored to provide broad access to key information, improved collaboration, and more informed decision-making.

addington highlands GeoPortal uses Google maps and imagery as the geographic base upon which your maps – such as property management, parks, neighborhoods, planning, community services – are added.

GeoPortal includes reporting tools (GeoViewer, DataViewer and DocumentViewer) that provide a consistent and easy-to-use way of accessing and using data.

Security is key. For example, our “Distributed” option enables your business data to remain in your computing environment behind your firewall yet still be integrated within the GeoPortal as if all the data were hosted together.

GeoPortal provides a cost effective, high-impact way to improve how your organization accesses information, communicates and makes decisions.

More information also at: OntarioGeoPortal.com.

Municipal GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. footer