GeoPortal Technology and Security


Municipal GeoPortal is a proven, secure, cloud-based information management solution provided by Infrastructure Ontario (IO). It's available to any government organization as an enterprise GIS information publishing and access solution.  The solution is:

  • Flexible and scalable. Computing resources and services grow as needs change.
  • Content rich. Contains foundation data and imagery.
  • Functionally rich. Contains core tools. No need to buy any hardware, software or hire specialists to build and manage your systems.
  • Cost Effective. As a service, any organization can access professional capabilities, computing, and information publishing at a price that is affordable and understandable.
  • Secure.
  • Successful. Winner of multiple industry awards including gold awards at Showcase Ontario and GTEC, as well as the Prix Excelsior Award for Innovation.
  • Viable for you. Regardless of the size of your organization and your needs.

Key components:


Municipal GeoPortal integrates with dozens of technologies, such as…

esri opentext oracle
sharepoint sql server .net
Municipal GeoPortal is a service offered by Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. footer